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If you are looking for a professional company that specializes in moving heavy safes in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, you have found us! We are a family owned and family run business with 25 years experience that moves more safes in one year than most other companies will ever move.

Jewelry stores and grocery stores usually have extremely heavy safes for overnight protection of valuable gems and large amounts of cash, we specialize in moving these types of safes, and we move lots of them. Being experienced and properly equipped to move the larger and heavier safes also makes moving the lighter safes much easier for us as well. We let our equipment do most of the work combined with gravity and leverage. We have specialized tools to move safes that we have purchased and many other tools that we have designed and fabricated ourselves, to make each safe move appear almost effortless. We have had to fabricate specialized tools just to overcome a particular problem for one safe move, but we knew what was needed and since you can't run down to the local Walmart to buy most of the equipment and tools we use.. sometimes we have to just make it ourselves.

We have been called out to move safes that other companies thought they could move, but when they arrived onsite they took one look at the safe and turned around and left. We however always show up and do the job just as we say we will.

Do you have a safe that you want to get rid of?

We also haul off many unwanted safes for FREE. This service includes safes only and specifically excludes the removal and or hauling of vault doors with or without their frames. If you have a vault door that you need to have removed, call us so we can provide you with an estimated cost to do that for you. Many companies charge you to come out and haul off safes, but if you have a safe that we believe we can restore or use parts off of, we might haul it off at no cost to you. If we don't think we can use or resell your safe we will provide you with a quote to remove the safe. Just give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time with you, then we will come to your home, business, or storage unit and professionally and safely remove the unwanted safe from your property. We don't care if you have the combination or keys either unless the safe is bolted down. Safes that are bolted down usually must be opened before they can be removed. We will quote you a price to open the safe so that it can be removed.

We can remove safes weighing up to 8,000 pounds on our trailer. We can move safes up to 12,000 pounds from one part of a building to another part of the same building and same floor.

If there are stairs that the safe must come up or go down we may or may not be able to provide this service for you. We will make case by case determinations regarding stairs and other obstructions that the safe must be moved past or around. Sometimes we will have to come out and take a look to see if we can safely remove the safe.

If your safe is locked up and you are unable to open it and you want us to open it for you so that you may remove anything inside, we will quote you a price to open your safe. If there is any personal property located inside your safe and you do not wish to pay us to open it, please note that the safe and it's entire contents will become our property as soon as we take possession of the safe and transport it off of your property. We don't mind hauling off your safe, but we will not open it for free to allow you to remove anything that may be inside of it first.
The difficult we do right away... The impossible takes a little longer...
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